My trip up started with a scheduled stop in Mtunzini to pick up two raiders who were keen to join me. I haven’t seen either Tim or Percy on a raid in some time so it was great to have them tag along!

As we arrived at the Richards Bay clubhouse we could see that things were going to be festive. There were people everywhere, 41’ers, guests, Pipeliners, and members – not to mention raiders from four other tables! It was great to touch bases with some of the old faces, but it was even better to see that Richards Bay hasn’t lost its drive when it comes to membership. There were three or four guests and a few Pipeliners which were very encouraging.

The meeting started sharply at sometime after 7 pm and we got off to a flyer. I was grateful for my 3-day crash course in Afrikaans that I received in the Eastern Cape as I was actually able to understand most of the meeting!

Jean Schoonhoven blitzed through 99% of the agenda but was still able to highlight some of the tables’ achievements so far this year, and boy has it been a good year for Richards Bay 200.

The final 1% of the meeting accounted for about 50% of the meeting time, but I believe it was in good “spirits”. Too often tables try to be far too serious during meetings and lose sight of the first of our very own aims and objects. Whilst some may argue against this style of a meeting I say each to his own. This is how Richards Bay does it and it obviously is working for them. After the meeting, there was good fellowship around the braai as the festivities continued into the night.

I would like to thank Richards Bay for hosting all of us last night. It is never easy to take on a big crowd of Tablers, but you chaps handled it with ease. I would also like to thank the Tablers that joined me from Mtunzini 250, Eshowe 24, Mtubatuba 100 and Umhlathuze 261. It just wouldn’t have been the same without you chaps and I really do appreciate the support.

I hope to see everyone at the Durban 2 raid happening on the 21st of June – you are all invited!