2019 Tri Area Conference

Join the Drak, NNCA, and NSCA Areas at the 2019 Tri Area conference being held at Hebron Haven Hotel in the KZN midlands.

A breakdown of the pricing can be found below. Please email the convener, Brett Bisschoff, with the options you will be taking.

Registrations Closed!

Registrations for this years Tri-Area Conference closed on the 17th of July 2019. For any last minute registrations please get in contact with the convener directly. His contact details can be found below.

Brett Bisschoff
Brett BisschoffConvener
Brett is a member of Hilton 242, a constituent table of the Drak Area. He is also the 2019/20 Drak Area Chairman.
Graham Carruthers
Graham CarruthersNNCA Contact
Graham is a member of Durban 2, a constituent table of the NNCA.
Robby Ducasse
Robby DucasseNSCA Contact
Robby is a member of Toti 85, a constituent table of the NSCA.