At the start of the lockdown back in March 2020, Ballito 221 came up with a great idea to drum up support on social media and improve their social media outreach by creating a totally lockdown safe project. They called it – The Long Arm Challenge. 

The rules were simple, dress up funny (weird) and prepare to get wet. Ballito 221 managed to drum up the support of clubs, friends & family, the local community to get involved.

All you had to do was donate R50.00 via Zapper and do the challenge. The challenged was to take any drink you like “preferably water” and with a straight arm you raise your drink to the sky and with a wide open mouth you attempted to pour your drink down the hatch! Almost everyone is destined to miss, so makes for a great laugh. 

Ballito 221 followed up with a final post with some of the best or funniest videos. 

The club made about made roughly R1300.00