Every year the Round Table of Durban 2 has manned a stall at the Browns’ School Fete, with its aim being to assist in the raising of much-needed funds for the school.

This year, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the school had to cancel the fete, the largest fundraiser on the schools calendar. Wesley Wells, from the Round Table of Durban, said they have been associated with the Browns’ School Fete since 2001, and the Epidemic was not enough to deter them from supporting the school.

The Durban Round Table sells boerewors rolls at this popular annual event, donating all the proceeds to the school.

“With the cancellation of this event this year, we were not able to sell wors rolls so the members decided to donate an amount of R15000 which is in line with what we would normally contribute each year”, said Wells.

Browns' School Donation

Lyn de Klerk from Browns’ School said they were thrilled with the donation. “The organisation has generously supported us over the last 20 plus years. They run our Wors Rolls Stall at our big fete every year. They arrive at the school at 6am the morning of the fete, firing up braais for a mammoth day ahead of cooking and selling. They provide the rolls, boerewors, the labour and the laughter, donating the entire day’s takings back to the school, for which we are eternally grateful.”

“Over the years old ‘Tablers’ have made way for the new, as is their way, but their continued loyal support of The Browns’ School never falters,” said de Klerk.

The school has also been impacted greatly by the ‘knock on’ effects of the Covid-19 virus. The school’s finances have taken a rather hard knock as de Klerk mentioned that three major fundraising events for this year had to be postponed.

“We are being creative adapting our fundraising strategies according to our new found situation, and with the loyal support of community minded people like Durban Host Round Table Durban 2 we are hoping to recover to some semblance of normality by 2021,” said de Klerk.