A while back Round Table was contacted by Shane Webster, the CEO for Nashua Durban and previously owner/operator of Nashua Zululand. Shane had mattresses he wanted to donate and asked the Mtunzini 250 club to help distribute them in the local community.

Shane a past Tabler of The Mtunzini 250 Round Table contacted Dylan Upfold, the current Chairman to make the arrangements.


Mtunzini 250 then contact the Red Cross Society and with their help they partnered up to distribute the mattresses to the neediest people within the community. The Red Cross had already identified who needed the mattresses the most which helped to greatly streamline the donation. With Dylan’s help they went along and distributed the mattresses and a great day was had by all.

A very special thank you to Shane Webster from Nashua for the donation of mattresses to Mtunzini Round Table.