Durban 2 Christmas Shoebox Project


For the past 10 years, the Round Table of Durban No. 2 has been running a Christmas Shoebox Project with the aim of giving the gift of Christmas to those who would ordinarily not receive anything.

For those who are hearing about this project for the first time, each year Round Table has collected presents which are prepared with a set list of contents and wrapped in a shoe box. These are distributed to needy children between roughly the ages of 3 and 12 years of age. Round Table either distributes directly or works with approved “distribution” charities and feedback is provided on the results of the distribution each year. Last year we distributed a record 349 boxes and we hope to do better this year!

In order to facilitate easier communication and feedback and to help grow our reach for this project, we have set up a Facebook Group. The Group is called the Round Table Christmas Box Project and it contains all you need to know for this year’s project. If you have not already joined the Group, you can either search for the Group on Facebook or click on this link:!/groups/704894932932581/ 

We ask that you please make the effort to join the Group and help spread the word – so please share this with any family, friends or work colleagues who are interested. The contents list for the Christmas Box in attached. A copy can also be found of the Facebook Group.

The cut-off date is Wednesday, 5th December 2018. The delivery address is 22 Old Mill Way, Durban North. If you have any questions, you are welcome to email us or message Durban 2 on Facebook via the above Facebook Group.

For those who are unable to put together a Christmas Shoebox then please consider supporting the cause by making a donation via the Zapper codes on this page. Just remember, we use the funds raised through Zapper to purchase additional boxes so please try and get all donations into us by the 30th of November.

For those who wish to rather pay by EFT you can do so by paying your donation into the below account:

The Round Table of Durban No. 2
Investec Bank
Branch: 58010500
Acc No.: 10011691247
Ref: Christmas Box

Christmas Shoebox Project

How To Pack Your Shoebox

Over the years we have worked out just what needs to go into the Christmas Shoeboxes. This has come from a mixture of experience and input from the charities that we support with this project and we ask that you follow the below instructions as closely as possible.

Packing Instructions:

  1. Find an empty medium size shoe box or paper printer box cut to size
  2. Fill the shoe box with any of the below items (or as close to the below as you can)
    • Please make the items unisex
    • Do not wrap the items individually, but put them all together in the box
  1. Wrap the box in Christmas paper, and feel free to pop a card into the box

Note: please ensure the lids can be opened. Not only do we like to check all the boxes to make sure they are suitable to be handed over, but sometimes we receive corporate donations and we need to be able to pop these into the Christmas Shoeboxes before delivery.

Items To Include:

  • A small soft toy
  • A colouring book 
  • A5 notebook
  • A box of large wax crayons
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Face cloth & bar of soap
  • Packet of chips 
  • Packet of sweets
  • Juice bottle & lunch box

Where To Deliver Your Shoebox

Please remember that the cut-off date is Wednesday, 5th December 2018. It needs to be early so that we have time to distribute the shoeboxes to the various charities before Christmas.

Scan the below code to make a donation to the project. Alternatively, if you are viewing this on your phone then just click on the image to auto open the Zapper App (if installed)