Funding Request

Please find below the procedure for acquiring funding from the Round Table of Durban.

Step 1:

An initial stage to vet the basics of the organisation requiring funding. This is done via the below link

Step 1 Form

Step 2:

This is a detailed summary of the organisation which is requiring funding. This form is only to be completed by candidates that have successfully completed step 1 above and have been asked to proceed to step 2.

Step 2 Form

Step 3:

All successful round 2 applicants will progress to an interview with a Round Table Panel. They will be sent an email with a google calendar invite to a Round Table panel interview. The general questions we will seek to answer are:

  1. What does the organization do?
    1. How many different kinds of programs does it run?
    2. For each of these programs, what exactly is it that the organisation does?
    3. If it runs more than one program, why is that?
  2. How cost effective is each program area?
    1. Is the charity focused on the most important causes? Round Table Durban 2
    2. How cost effective does the evidence suggest the program could be?
  1. How robust is the evidence behind the program?
    1. What is the evidence behind the programs that the charity runs?
    2. Are there trails showing that the program is effective?
    3. Does the charity rigorously monitor and evaluate the success of its programs?
  2. How well is each program implemented?
    1. Do the leaders of the organization have demonstrated success in other areas?
    2. Is the charity highly transparent?
    3. Does it acknowledge mistakes that it has made in the past?
    4. What are the alternative charities to give to?
    5. Are there good reasons for supposing that this charity is better than others?
  3. Does the charity need additional funds?
    1. What would additional funding be used to do?
    2. Why haven’t other donors already funded the charity to the point it can use extramoney?