Durban 2 raids Chaka 221

On Thursday the 5th April 2012, Members of Durban 2 held a social meeting at the Hops Restaurant in Ballito with the intention of raiding the recently rejuvenated Chaka221 with the NNCA Area Chairman. As per normal for our social meetings, only urgent matters were discussed during the meeting which made it a quick one, enabling us to get to the Chaka clubhouse in good time.

As usual, there was a healthy amount of banter and fellowship during the raid with a few beers being enjoyed by most. Overall, all the members who participated in the raid thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and it is always good to see Tablers from different Tables getting together for a bit of fellowship. Durban 2 intends to support Graham Carruthers, the Area Chairman, in most of his Area raids, so hopefully, this is the first of many to come.