Richards Stone called Duncan Fouche from RB200 to ask for assistance in welcoming the 25 Internationals for the Owen Frye tour. Duncan & Melody Fouche jumped at the opportunity and they went down to Durban on the Saturday to welcome them. They spent Saturday and Sunday with them and hosted them again in Richards Bay on Wednesday.

Saturday all internationals were welcomed….took the whole day as they arrived in dribs and drabs…..that night CHAKA hosted a great party and some banner swopping was the order of the day. ( After the banners were found as Simon from Wales had stolen all the banners )

Sunday was USHAKA waterpark and aquarium. What a lot of fun! Sun, Sliding, Sharks…..what more does one want? Thanks to DURBAN NORTH the Internationals were treated to some interesting food that night.

After this, the Internationals were all over the place and we saw them again on Wednesday in Richards Bay. Poor Mike from England broke his finger and Duncan Fouche spent the whole day in the hospital with the poor lad. ( In true brotherhood fashion )

That night saw 5 local tables welcome the internationals at RICHARDS BAY 200 Clubhouse. Great fun was had by all………….