It was a quiet Friday night in Mtubtuba….. the area “raid” had started and nothing much was happening….. then all of a sudden all hell broke loose…yes RB200 had arrived. Duncan “Houdini” Fouche, Jean “Chairman” Schoonhoven, Arnu “Pap BalleAspelling, Neil “WisemanStrydom and Michael “Michelle” McCarthy from RB200 came in there and immediately the air was filled with excitement.

Richards Bay 200 raids Mtuba 100

Mtubatuba did not know what hit them as RB200 “raided” no fewer than 10 items that evening. The Sergeant from RB200 made sure that all members received the applicable penalties and boy did we all have a fun night.

We had to stop some of our tablers, no names mentioned….but some “new” tablers that were trying to raid doors, windows and paintings and we had to give them the “rules” of raiding……lol.

Richards Bay 200 raids Mtuba 100

This was certainly an evening to remember and we loved meeting some new faces and catching up with some old acquaintances. This evening was what fellowship was all about and we certainly enjoyed every moment.

Thank you to Mtubatuba for your hospitality and kindness. We will certainly see you soon again.