This past Saturday (1st of September 2018) the members of the Round Table of Durban No. 2, along with their wives and partners, took part in the annual Browns’ School Fete with the aim of raising some much-needed funds for the School.

Originally a Port of Natal 76 project, Durban 2 has really made this project their own over the last few years and it has become a highlight on the Table’s events calendar.

Roll Buttering Evening

The night before the fete everyone got together for the customary ‘Roll Buttering Evening’ where all the rolls are cut and buttered in preparation for the fete happening the following day. With membership being at a near all-time high this task was dispatched in no time, leaving the rest of the night open to some good fun and fellowship. It also made for an excellent opportunity to hand over the Table of Fellowship, which Graham Carruthers presented to Craig Briggs.

Browns' School Fete

Once the formality of handing over the Table of Fellowship was out of the way things started to get very festive.

Browns’ School Fete

The morning of the fete got off to an early start so that everything could be set up in time for the 08h30 start. We had an excellent turnout with regards to helpers and that made everything go by effortlessly. Before long the crowds could smell the wors cooking, something that few South Africans can resist, and started beating their way to our little stand. An excellent addition to the day was the inclusion of fried onions for the first time. These proved a treat and we will definitely have to up our quantities for future years.

Browns' School Fete

Over the course of the morning we cooked hundreds of pieces of wors with all the proceeds going to the Browns’ School, but what is always the cherry on the top is that it is genuinely such a fun event to be involved in. We all had an absolute blast!

Mark Perry and Clint Ward, both 41’ers of Durban 2, made an appearance with Mark even turning a few pieces of wors on the grill. We all waited with baited breath hoping Daryn Brown might make an appearance, but alas, it was not to be!

Browns' School FeteBrowns' School Fete

All in all a great day was had by all at Durban 2. We are confident that we raised a healthy sum for the school and this wouldn’t have been at all possible without the continued support from the local community who we look forward to seeing again in 2019.

Thank You Emond Auto!

Lastly, often it is difficult getting everything to and from the Fete, but this year things were made that much easier thanks to a generous offer from Emond Auto who let us make use of one of their new Isuzu Double Cabs. It was a fantastic gesture and we are hugely appreciative of it – thank you, Emond Auto!

Browns' School Fete Bakkie

Guy & Kieran with the Isuzu bakkie that was leant to us by Emond Auto.

Images from the day: