This past weekend the Round Table of Durban No. 2 (Durban 2) lent its support to the Sunflower Fund and their annual Sunflower Fund Fun Run. We have been involved in the event for a number of years and look forward to getting stuck in to help the wonderful cause.

Sunflower Fund Fun Run

(L-R) Kieran Vermaak, Stephanie Berry, Gus Palmer, Tanith King, Vince Van Der Walt, Allison Ekstrand, Simon Pennefather

Guy, Cara and I got stuck in on Saturday handling a few registrations the day before the main event. turnout wasn’t what we had hoped and knew that the last minute registrations on Sunday were going to be epic! We were saddened to not be joined by Barry Hughes who probably only had a headache, but he definitely up-sold his affliction as though it was Ebola.

Sunday got off to a slow start, but that didn’t last long. Soon, Kieran, Gus, Vince, Simon, and I were all rushed off our feet as people started arriving thick and fast. It was nothing that we couldn’t handle and Vince even managed to get a few people who had already registered online to register again. More evidence proving that no-one ever says no to Vince!

Sunflower Fund Fun Run 2018

The team hard at work running the registration table.

Before we knew it the crowds had subsided and the race was about to begin. We had received tones of registrations on the day which really helped make the day a huge success for the Sunflower Fund. We were also able to reflect on those with life-threatening illnesses like leukaemia (Not Barry Huges) and be proud of the contribution we were able to make.

If you would like to still support the Sunflower Fund by either donating to them or by becoming a bone marrow donor, then please do so by clicking on the bellow buttons. Every little bit helps.

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