This past workers day (1st May) some of the members of Durban 2 got together to continue the renovations of their clubhouse.

For over 68 years the Round Table of Durban No. 2 went without a permanent clubhouse, somewhere they could call home. Last year a venue was found and the members started moving in. Years of regalia and documents that had been in storage started to make their way to the new home, and the members got busy cleaning, fixing, and improving the venue.

Phase 1 – Lights & Water

Thanks to Gus Palmer, Durban 2’s resident electrician, we were able to fix the lighting and plugs in the venue, a very important first that everything else hinged upon. A few work parties were organised and the lights went up with Gus using the other members as cheap (free) labour.

What we hadn’t planned for was the fact that the taps hadn’t been opened in many, many years, and on opening them there was no way to close them off properly. Except, no one noticed this and closed up for the day.

Arriving at the clubhouse for the next meeting then clubhouse convener, Graham Carruthers, was met by a somewhat unexpected surprise.

Durban 2 clubhouse renovations

Phase 2

On the 1st of May 2019, the Table got stuck in spraying for termites, bora, and other critters we would rather do without. It was also an opportunity to to raise the bar slightly off the ground, install more shelving, and do some other odds and ends.

All in all the clubhouse is coming on nicely and has already hosted some memorable events. The fellowship at these work parties has also been pretty epic and all are keen to get stuck in when and where they can.

Hopefully we will be able to start painting soon, and there is also the hope for a aircon in the Tables future, but those are for another day!